Now grading homework 1

I am already quite busy grading the homework 1 blogs.  Learning a lot about your interests and aspirations whether real or fictional – at least I think some of them are fictional!

I am trying to turn around grades on the homeworks as quickly as possible but as my inbox fills it may take a few days to get back to everyone.  If you do not earn a perfect score I will be giving you specific feedback about what you need to do to correct any issues.  The deadline for submitting homework 1 applies only to the first round.  You will have additional time to respond to any feedback I give you.


IS 02 – Collaboration

Today we discussed collaboration and how information systems can support it.  We looked at several aspects of collaboration, including the importance of trust and the need to share information and build a shared understanding of a situation.  We discussed three possible roles for information technology in supporting collaboration:  communications, resource (document) sharing, and project management, and we briefly looked at some possible tools you might use to support collaboration on your teams including Google Docs & Calendars, and Wiggio.

What tools do you use to collaborate at school and at work?

Feel free to post your comments below.

What’s Next – IS02 Collaboration

On Tuesday, 9/13 we will be discussing collaboration and the role information systems play in supporting it.  Please read pages 40-56 in the textbook and also think about the tools you might use to support your team’s collaboration.  We will be reviewing a number of possibilities in class, including Wiggio and Google.

Hello world!

I am getting ready to teach IS323 (which I should probably explain at some point, but not right now) and part of what we will be teaching is how to create a blog or even a company website using WordPress.  So I have set up a blog on to play around with what kinds of features and set up my students will want to use as they learn to use WordPress.  More later!